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Hacken (HKN)

Napísané: Ne 11. Nov, 2018, 17:20
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Global Tokenized Business with Operating Cybersecurity Products.

How Does It Work?
1 / Customers sign up for the bug bounty program, choose
program type (private or public), determine the number of
white hat hackers and their skill set, and decide on reward
2 / Our security team helps customers set up and manage their
3 / After the scope of the security assessment is
established, our team invites the HackenProof community to
participate in the bug bounty program. Hundreds of white hats
evaluate customer’s code in search of vulnerabilities.
4 / Community members submit detailed reports of all
vulnerabilities they discover. Their reports are checked for
accuracy, relevance, and originality.
5 / White hats receive bounties for discovering valid
6 / Customer may order additional professional advice from
the Hacken Security Solution team.

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